Frequently Asked Questions


The State of Utah’s approved vendor lists consist of vendors that have responded to a Request for Statement of Qualifications and received a master agreement. For information on how to do business with the State of Utah, please see the For Vendors page.
Please locate your contract on the State Contract Search Page and locate the State of Utah Purchasing Agent on the bottom of the page. Please reach out to this agent for contract questions and information updates.
Yes. In the For Vendors Page, we have created a section for SciQuest Training. Additional training materials are in development.

Agencies/Political Subdivisions

Our Finet Commodity Codes have been removed from the website. Please use Finet to search for the Finet Commodity Codes.
The Sole Source Form has been renamed to the Award of a Contract Without Engaging in a Standard Procurement Process Form (ACWESPP Form). Please navigate to the Solicitation Forms tab of the Purchasing Forms Page.
Yes. Please navigate to the Approved Vendor Lists section of the Pre-Qualified and Approved Vendor Lists Page.
The SciQuest Training (for Agencies) is located on the Agency Training page. Take me there now!