Digital Copier Service

A unique service program designed for self service or walk up copying. It is designed for agencies that want to create a “hassle free” self service copying environment in their office. Included with the service is a copier that meets the agencies short and long term requirements, as well as full service maintenance through the manufacturer or local representative.

All copier consumables (paper, toner, developer, etc.) can be ordered directly through the vendor servicing your copier. The cost of the service is based on the copier selected and the number of copies produced each month.

Hassle-Free Copying, Maintenance and Ordering

Statewide Best-Value Contract Pricing, Warranty and Provisions

Scheduled Copier Replacement and Maintenance

Procurement and Contract Managed by State Purchasing.

Costs Paid from Operating Budget

Obtaining the Service

Shortly after contact by the requesting agency, a representative from the Digital Copier Services program can arrange for trials, or demonstrations, of copiers that most closely meet the agency’s needs in terms of features, controls and functions. The trial can be conducted in the copier representative’s sales office and/or on site for several days. If the proposed service is acceptable, the Digital Copier Services program will purchase and install the equipment, provide the required supplies and train the staff. A representative of the program will provide continued support when delivering supplies and obtaining monthly meter readings.

To initiate a service, or for more information, please contact Larry Harston at (801) 957-7153 or Email:

For customer service, please contact Heather Stevens at (801) 957-7152 or Email:

Cost of the Service

Agencies are billed on a monthly basis through an inter-departmental transfer. The formula utilized for billing is as follows:   (Copier Depreciation + Maintenance + Supply Expense) / (Number of Copies)

An administrative fee of $0.004 per copy is added and the result is the cost per copy for the month. The agency is billed only for the copies that are made, there are no prepaid costs.

The printer depreciation expense is based on the anticipated life of the copier (typically 4 years) and is computed as a straight line monthly expense. For example, if the copier costs $9,000 and the economic life of the copier is four years, the monthly depreciation expense would be $187.50. The maintenance expense is the actual charge from the provider for their service based on monthly usage. The supply expense is based on the actual cost of supplies used. The administrative fee is fixed and will not be increased during the life of the printer/copier.

Copier Contracts

To view current copier contracts, please navigate to the State of Utah Best Value Cooperative Contracts Search Page. In the search bar simply type “copier”.