Design Professional Services

NOTICE: Effective 1 July 2022, the Design Professional Lists will no longer be maintained and will be removed from the State Purchasing website. Entities will continue to follow standard procurement procedures for these services.

Formerly Architectural and Engineering (A/E) Services

The Architectural &Engineering (A/E) Services were renamed Design Professional Services at the 2016 Legislative Session.

The following Design Professional Services firms responded to the Request for Statement of Qualifications in solicitation AR15008. State agencies that have a requirement for Design Professional Services are required to make a selection from this list through a qualifications based review pursuant to Administrative Rule R33-5-105. The instructions contained in R33-4-105 are further explained below. Please note that this pre-qualification listing conforms to the language in the Administrative Rule R33-5-105 (3)(c), in that each firm has been classified based on the particular field (or fields) of expertise for that firm.

A. Small Purchases Threshold for Design Professional Services up to $100,000

When the requirement for design professional services is estimated to be less than $100,000, a minimum of three (3) service firms from the Design Professional Prequalified List of Firms Approved for Small Projects must be selected and evaluated. At this point in the solicitation, the discussion of cost must be avoided as price cannot be a deciding factor and must not be part of the evaluation. This initial decision is based solely on the firms’ technical qualifications relative to the project being considered. In the event that the vendors on the prequalified list of firms do not meet the needs of the project, the agency must contact Govops Division of Purchasing for guidance.

After the evaluation is completed, the State agency must submit written documentation to Jeff Hammer ( with the Govops Division of Purchasing requesting approval to contract with the selected firm for negotiation. The written request must document which firms were considered and why the firm selected is the best qualified firm to provide the services. The agency’s estimated cost or budget for design professional services must be included in this written documentation, but cost is not considered.

After the selected firm has been approved by the GOV OPS Division of Purchasing, the state agencies negotiates final price with the selected firm. If negotiations are not successful, the State agency must obtain written approval from Purchasing to proceed to negotiate with the next most qualified firm.

B. For projects that exceed $100,000

For projects that exceed $100,000 a formal solicitation process must be completed through the Govops Division of Purchasing to obtain design professional services. Contact Jeff Hammer ( or 801-957-7148) for additional information at the above email addresses.