Rangeland Services

The following rangeland contractors responded to the Request for Statement of Qualifications (Solicitation AR15171) as set forth by the Utah Procurement Code part 63G-6a-403, and the Utah Procurement Rules R33-4-101. When a rangeland project referenced on this list is required, state agencies at their option may request that the competition be limited to the contractors who are on this list. Note that agencies may also open the competition up to all contractors and not use this list for a specific requirement when the agency feels it is in their best interests to do so.


To use this list, simply indicate on your RQS (requisition) or (preferably) on the statement of work submitted to State Purchasing that you are requesting that the competition be limited to pre-qualified contractors.

Questions on this new pre-qualification list and/or the process should be directed to Ann Schliep with the DAS Division of Purchasing. send an Email or contact Ann by phone at (801) 538-3421.