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Urgent Message

This is an urgent message
The State of Utah Division of Purchasing was notified today that an email purporting to be from Christopher Hughes was sent to vendors. Neither the Division of Purchasing nor Christopher Hughes sent this email. Do not click on the link contained in the email and discard the email immediately. For more information, please read the following document.

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Courtesy Posting Services

The State of Utah’s contract with BidSync expired on March 9, 2017. In order to help public entities, meet the requirements of Utah Code 63G-6a-112 or any public notice requirements, the State of Utah Division of Purchasing is offering Courtesy Posting Services to any public entity within the State of Utah. Click the button below to learn more about this service, or view the Courtesy Posting Services webpage for more information.

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What’s New?

Update to State Purchasing Policies


The Division of Purchasing has reviewed and refreshed the list of policies the Division has in place. There are now only three policies. Finance's and Purchasing's 04 policies located Here are still in effect.

New Solicitation Questionnaire and Scope of Work Template


Visit the Purchasing Forms Page.

The State of Utah has partnered with JAGGAER (formerly SciQuest) to distribute and receive bids, proposals and other solicitations posted by the State of Utah. This contract was implemented as a result of a competitive solicitation process and serves in part to satisfy Utah Procurement Code 63G-6a-112 Required Public Notice requirements.

Current Business Opportunities

View current, upcoming and closed business opportunities along with bid results and/or award information.

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