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Additional Training/Resources

The Division of Purchasing staff is available to both Executive Branch Agencies and other public entities to help with trainings and assistance where needed.  We also provide in-person trainings/seminars throughout the year in various formats.  There are additional trainings and resources available on this page for those who are new to the procurement profession or season professionals looking for a refresh.

Foundational Training

No matter how new or seasoned within public procurement you are, it is always good to refresh on certain topics or areas you haven’t touched in a while.  We offer a wide range of resources to help all levels of public procurement professionals in their day to day work.

Purchasing Basics

Here are some resources for the most common procurement topics that come up frequently.  These topics and resources are geared more towards those making daily purchases for their agency (i.e. small purchases) and things to look out for.

Group Gatherings

If you are planning to have a team meeting with Group Gatherings, you will want to watch this video and see the power point for clarification.

Note: In the training video, Tami mentions that procuring individuals are required to list LPD016 in the accounting line description in FINT. As a clarification, the LPD number is only required when the procurement requires State Travel approval.

View the Group Gathering Video
View the Group Gathering PowerPoint

Advanced Purchasing/Certifications

Here are some resources for less common procurement topics and for those who have been in public procurement longer and are looking for certifications.  These resources are geared towards those who are more involved in bigger and more advanced solicitations.

Information Technology Purchases

State Agencies should follow the current Technology Acquisition Approval (TAA) process and work with their support pod for any purchases.  Reach out to your purchasing support pod and IT Director for additional information and assistance.

Refer to the Buy IT Catalog for frequently purchased items that can be purchased through existing statewide cooperative contracts.

TAA Form in ServiceNow

In Person and Virtual Trainings

The Division of Purchasing works with community partners (NIGP, EdPAC, etc.) to put on in-person trainings on a quarterly basis, as well as more frequent virtual trainings.  These are optional trainings that provide continuing education credits.  We aim to create engaging training that is relevant to current events that might be impacting the procurement industry.

In-Person Trainings

We offer a variety of in-person training seminars.  The Division of Purchasing hosts the Procurement Education Partnership (PEP) Seminar multiple times a year.  This is hosted currently at the Taylorsville State Office Building (TSOB) with remote viewing parties for those north of Salt Lake County and those south of Utah County.  The PEP Seminar goes over current impacts from areas like the legislative session, interim sessions, industry impacts, and others.  It also goes through a variety of training topics from foundational to advanced topics.  These topics are largely derived from previous attendees looking to learn more about a certain topic to help make it more engaging and worthwhile.

The Division also works collaboratively with other organizations to attend and train at other events.  The main ones are the Utah Chapter of NIGP and EdPAC.  We are happy to engage with and support these groups and their trainings to further collaboration between all public procurement professionals.  There are valuable lessons to be learned from all the various groups and these trainings provide an opportunity to learn from each other.

Refer to our monthly newsletter for upcoming in-person trainings and registration.  You can also reach out through a Contact Us page to get added to the distribution lists to receive frequent emails with training announcements.

Virtual Trainings

The Division now provides short, 30 minute to 1 hour, trainings virtually to supplement the in-person trainings during months when there are no in-person events.  These Brown Bag Learnings take place over lunch and also provide continuing education credits for attending.

The Division staff is also able to provide virtual trainings to their supported agencies as needed on any topics that they might be interested in. 

Utah Public Procurement Place (U3P) Training

The Division of Purchasing utilizes a eProcurement system in order to meet the requirements for public posting of solicitations and to reach as many vendors as possible.  This system is something that all public entities may utilize and access to post their solicitations.
The logon for U3P can be accessed here: U3P logon

It also possible for agencies to gain access to the sandbox/test environment of U3P in order to click around to gain familiarity and/or conduct trainings with new hires.  You will need to get a user name and password for the test environment and that can be done by emailing  The test environment can then be accessed here: U3P Sandbox


Solicitation Training

The primary purpose of U3P is to allow agencies to public post their solicitations in order to gather bids/responses for evaluation.  These trainings will assist in the full spectrum of utilizing U3P for solicitations starting with getting setup with an account in U3P, posting advice, and awarding.

Total Contract Management (TCM) Training

U3P offers a contract management function that can assist in preparing, executing, and storing contracts that result from solicitations.  This function can be used in its entirety or piecemeal as desired.