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Contract Management is a critical part of the public procurement process.  Without proper contract management, it is difficult to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being effectively spent and that programs are getting the best possible support from contractors.  OCMS is here to be a resource to ensure that effective contract management is happening throughout the State.


Currently, OCMS focuses on all aspect of contract support with an emphasis on creating standardized, best practices for all agencies to utilize.  All agencies have unique challenges to overcome that can make contract management difficult, however, at their core, all agencies have the mission of supporting the citizens of Utah in some capacity.  So OCMS is working towards establishing more consistent standards and practices that can easily be transferred between all agencies.  

OCMS doesn’t take over the contracts from agencies, we are purely an additional resource.  Ownership, payments, and final decisions still remain with the agency.

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Standardized Definitions

In order to ensure we are all on the same page, OCMS uses the following terms with their associated definitions:

Contract Management - The active, hands on, day-to-day interactions with the goods/services being received and the contractor providing them.  

Contract Manager - The individual ultimately responsible and accountable for the execution of the assigned contract.  May or may not physically receive/inspect the goods/services being received, but should be aware of who is and any issues that might arise.  Primary contact for all questions pertaining to the contract and reporting any issues/concerns that come up.

Contract Administration - The administrative actions in support of a contract.  Includes actions like; processing amendments, paying invoices, etc.


OCMS has received nationwide recognition for the work being done and the system it currently utilizes.  The team received an Honorable Mention in the 2023 State Standard of Excellence from Results for America.

See the 2023 State Standard of Excellence

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