Courtesy Posting Services

The State of Utah’s contract with BidSync expired on March 9, 2017. In order to help public entities meet requirements of Utah Code 63G-6a-112 or any public notice requirements, the State of Utah Division of Purchasing is offering Courtesy Posting Services to any public entity within the State of Utah.

Courtesy Posting Services by the Division of Purchasing include the following:

  • Posting the public entity’s solicitation.
  • Assisting public entities in making purchases from the State of Utah “Best Value” Cooperative Contracts.
  • Conducting reviews of the solicitation documents provided by the public entity to ensure compliance with the Utah Procurement Code.
  • Making recommendations for changes if specifications and/or processes are out of compliance or not clearly articulated. (Note: The public entity will not be forced to accept recommendations as part of the courtesy posting service.)
  • Posting the solicitation documents on SciQuest, for and in behalf of the public entity.
  • If required, receiving the bid/proposals electronically through SciQuest and forwarding to public entity for evaluation and selection.
  • Assisting the public entity with solicitation development, including technical research and writing assistance, solicitation document preparation, etc.
  • Assisting the public entity in the evaluation of the bids/proposals received by the public entity.
  • Assisting in drafting contract documents.
  • Providing all other procurement related events.

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    The Courtesy Posting Services offered by the State of Utah will be performed free of charge as part of the Division of Purchasing’s mission to help public entities with their procurements and to grow the Utah Cooperative. As such, if the procurement item requested is currently on a State Cooperative “Best Value” Contract, the Division of Purchasing will not assist with the procurement if the public entity does not want to purchase from the State Cooperative “Best Value” Contract.

    If a public entity would like the Division of Purchasing to provide it with any Courtesy Posting Services, please email your request to